Victoria Engagement – Emma and Srdj

Beach Engagement

So before this session I think we had yet to see the sun this year. I figured it was safe to schedule a mid day session as the sunset sessions get a little dark a little faster than a clear day. So I was a little hesitant to start this mid day session when all of the clouds in the sky miraculously disappeared 5 minutes before I met up with Emma and Srdj. With the harshest of lighting conditions and no shade anywhere at all being on the water, I thought possibly that I had some challenges ahead of me. However, these two were absolutely fantastic and the location that they had chosen made for some gorgeous shots despite the harsh light. Aside from the time of day, it was the perfect session. My favourite hair colour to photograph being that beautiful red, Emma’s smile that lights up the frame, her dress being the absolute perfect example of what to wear, Srdj’s easy going and relaxed attitude and them being amazing and comfortable together were some of the reasons why. Their love truly shines through in these images and this will go down as one of my favourite shoots to date. I can’t wait for the wedding in May! This shot was one of my favourites, but there are many more. Check out my instagram for regular updates and more of Emma and Srdj