Langley Photography – Taryn’s 1st Birthday Shoot

We did and outdoor shoot in Taryn and Colten’s backyard and a “Mommy and Me” Cake Smash session for Taryn’s first birthday. Lots of fun!


 Awww, my baby sis is the cutest!


 But I didn’t even DO anything!


  STOP IT! You’re getting me in trouble!!! I barely touched you!

(He wasn’t yelling here at all. Just making silly faces to cheer her up. So funny)


Pleeease stop crying? I’ll get Mom to give you Ice Cream?

Really? Is this true Mom? Ice cream?



 Veerrrry suspicious of this strange object….. Oh well, Mommy’s here to protect me…

AAAAHHHHHH!!! Mommy left meee!!!! And I think it BIT me!!!

Mom’s back… All is good… That bite didn’t even hurt that much anyways… This thing’s not  so scary.